Mobil Delvac Products

Mobil Delvac™ Products

Mobil™ has specialised in heavy-duty lubricants for over 80 years. Mobil Delvac meets and often exceeds, the needs of today’s Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Commercial Vehicle (CV) professionals and is chosen by several of the world’s leading and largest heavy-duty truck engine builders for factory fill and service fill. Indeed, Mobil Delvac is chosen by many of the world’s largest truck engine builders. You can therefore be sure there is a lubricant to meet the needs of your vehicle whatever your operating conditions. Browse the Bumper to Bumper Guide


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Engine Oils

Mobil Delvac™ engine lubricants cover heavy, medium and light commercial vehicle applications, and can help to achieve long engine life with extended service intervals. 

Power Steering

Mobil™ ATF lubricants can help to ensure long service life, improved gearbox cleanliness, a silky smooth gear change and long gearbox life under all operating conditions.


Mobil’s high-performance greases can give first-rate stability against oxidisation and moisture intrusion as well as excellent corrosion protection and flow characteristics, even at very low temperatures.

Rear Axle

Mobil Delvac™ lubricants have been specially developed for truck transmissions, axles and final drives that operate even under the most demanding conditions.


Mobil™ transmission oils include synthetic products and can offer excellent protection against high-temperature and high-speed wear whilst, also providing outstanding cold temperature performance.

Rear Axle

See how Mobil Delvac™ can help extend the life of your heavy-duty equipment.