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Mobil 1 Business Performance Programme

Mobil 1 Business Performance Programme

ExxonMobil UK has launched the Mobil 1 Business Performance Programme - a bespoke Mobil 1 sales and marketing tool, designed to provide car dealers with the equipment and resources they need to drive business and increase lubricant sales.



The Mobil 1 Business Performance Programme is designed to provide businesses with a significant opportunity for volume and margin growth by:

  • Access to ExxonMobil expertise (technology, marketing, digital assets & business support)
  • Providing information and training for all levels of staff to help sell more and sell better quality lubricants
  • Becoming valued partners in our continued success within the Passenger Vehicle Lubricants category

The programme is made up of 6 core elements:


Business Performace Programme Training
Modules to give service staff the knowledge to sell and recommend Mobil products in confidence


Business Performace Programme Marketing
Marketing support packages to help promote and further develop installed oil change operations


Business Performace Programme Products
Mobil 1 and Mobil Super lubricant range, plus Gear Oils & ATF and Ancillary products


Business Performace Programme Digital
Digital tools to help reach and retain customers, plus drive up lubricant value and volume


Business Performace Programme OEMSpecific support for Original Equipment Manufacturers including sales support, testimonials and approvals


Business Performace Programme EventsAccess to some of the most exciting events on the motoring calendar, plus support for their business



To find out how the Mobil 1 Business Performance Programme can benefit your business, please contact us on 01372 223 790.