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fuel economy

Help save fuel with Mobil Delvac™

Fuel represents a large proportion of commercial vehicles’ operating costs. When used in combination with synthetic gear oils and greases or used separately, Mobil Delvac synthetic engine oils have the potential to offer fuel economy advantages versus conventional mineral lubricants.

Potential fuel economy savings with Mobil Delvac synthetic lubricants

By switching to Mobil Delvac synthetic lubricants (checking product selection against OEM specification requirements and adopting service intervals appropriate to the application), HGV fleet operators have the opportunity to potentially reduce their annual fuel bill.
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Mobil Delvac Drivetrain Lubricants can help to improve fuel economy
Significant fuel economy benefits in independent testing in Volvo and Iveco trucks were achieved using ExxonMobil’s flagship Mobil Delvac commercial vehicle lubricants.

Any fuel economy improvements are dependent on various factors including vehicle type, engine type, engine condition, driving style / conditions, lubricant(s) previously used and fluid viscosities. ExxonMobil’s range of flagship synthetic products was compared against a mineral 15W-40 in the engine, a mineral 85W-140 in the rear axle and a mineral 80W-90 in the transmission.

Find a distributor of Mobil products in the UK & Ireland

Find your nearest distributor of  Mobil Delvac™  products in the UK and Ireland

Find a distributor of Mobil products in the UK & Ireland

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