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which oil for your van or lorry
Find the right lubricants for your commercial vehicle using our "Which oil" tool. 

Fuel Economy

Fuel GaugeThe cost of fuel in the current economic climate continues to be a major issue facing the  European commercial vehicle industry. ExxonMobil continue to invest in research and  development, and work in close collaboration with the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop engine oils which help to optimise engine performance, provide long drain capacity, whilst also delivering benefits such as improved fuel economy1. In addition to high quality, fully synthetic engine oils, high performance commercial vehicle transmission and rear axle oils, greases and specialty products can deliver further advantages to fleet operators, including fuel economy benefits.

Red Lorry

1Statistically significant fuel economy benefits were observed in Volvo trucks when comparing Mobil Delvac 1 LE 5W-30 to a mineral 15W-40 engine oil with an average fuel economy gain of 1.8% for highway driving conditions. Corrections were applied when changes in test environment had a statistically significant impact on fuel economy.