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Mobil Delvac Express Italy
Mobil Delvac Express is designed to offer a fast, easy, while-you-wait oil change and first-class maintenance service for heavy duty vehicles without an appointment. 
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Mobil Delvac Synthetic ATF
Mobil Delvac Synthetic ATF offers excellent performance even in some of the most severe weather conditions. 
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Mobil Delvac Express Finland

also see the Mobil Delvac Express Italy video 

Mobil Delvac Express EntranceCase Study 2: Finland

Following the success of the Mobil Delvac Express site in Italy, ExxonMobil recently launched Europe’s second Mobil Delvac Express in Finland.

The new facility in Vuosarri, builds on the success of Mobil Delvac Express
at Interservice in Trento, North Italy.

The site, which opened at the Port of Helsinki in 2010, offers a unique service for heavy duty vehicles, aimed at offering truck drivers an easy way of changing their oil whilst waiting to either enter or exit the port.

“We want to offer high quality lubricants for all needs. Even small savings in fuel consumption will make up for more expensive fully synthetic lubricants… You do not have to make an appointment, just come when you have time,” said Tapani Lehikoinen, local automotive sales manager of ExxonMobil Finland.