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Car care tips
Do you like to work on your car? Find out more about  how to use Mobil™ products to look after your vehicle and keep your engine clean and running smoothly. 

Car care products

The Mobil™ car care range comprises innovative, performance-based products that meet and exceed the toughest industry specifications. The Mobil car care range was introduced to complement the lubricants and offer a Mobil solution for most fluid applications in the workshop.

Explore our full range of Mobil car care products.

Mobil Antifreeze AdvancedMobil™ Antifreeze Advanced

Mobil Antifreeze ExtraMobil™ Antifreeze Extra

Mobil Antifreeze Mobil™ Antifreeze

Mobil Coolant Ready MixedMobil™ Coolant Ready Mixed -36ºC

Mobil Break FluidMobil™ Brake Fluid DOT 4

Mobil Screen Wash Concentrate -65°CMobil™ Screen Wash Concentrate -65ºC

Mobil Screenwash Insect RemoverMobil™ Screen Wash Ready Mixed Insect Remover

Mobil Screenwash Ready MixedMobil™ Screen Wash Ready Mixed

Mobil DeicerMobil™ De-icer