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Automotive Products

Engine oils

Mobil™ has been keeping people and machines moving since before the first gasoline-powered automobile. From the Wright brothers' first flight to the launch of the space station, from the first automobiles to the latest Grand Prix cars, Mobil oils have been continuously keeping millions of vehicles performing at their best.

Based on the information you provide, our which oil tool will recommend the appropriate Mobil oil for your car.


Which oil for my car?

Based on the information
you provide, our which oil
tool will recommend the
appropriate Mobil™ oil
for your car

dexos2™ engine oil specification

Mobil™ was the first major
oil supplier in the UK to
be officially dexos2 licensed.

which oil for my car

If you need help in choosing the right oil for your car or vehicle, use our which oil tool.

Engine Oil Products

Whether using Mobil 1™ or Mobil Super™, Mobil™ engine oils meet or exceed the latest standards of the oil industry and vehicle manufacturers.


Mobil™ was the first major oil supplier in the UK to have developed a range of engine oils designed to meet all the specific requirements of gasoline and diesel engines used in GM vehicles across Europe.

Mobil car care products

The Mobil™ car care range comprises innovative, performance-based products that meet and exceed the toughest specifications.

Car Care Tips

Do you like to work on your car? Find out more about how to use Mobil™ products to look after your vehicle and keep your engine clean and running smoothly.